Celebrate Kemosabe's 14th Birthday!! image

Celebrate Kemosabe's 14th Birthday!!

Show him your love with a $14 (or more!) birthday present!

$4,428 raised

$2,500 goal

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It's Kemosabe's Birthday!

Kemosabe is a beloved prehensile tailed porcupine that took the world by storm in 2013 when he made his very first video on YouTube. Since then, millions of people across 126 countries have fallen in love with this pokey boy. Over the next 14 days we're celebrating all things Kemosabe! We're sharing photos on our social media pages, making a birthday video with a cute banana cake, and raising funds for a very special home improvement project!

We want to expand Kemosabe's home by doubling the space he has to climb around, play with toys, lick branches, and enjoy being more active. To be honest, we've been wanting to make this habitat improvement for years, but Kemosabe's health has been up and down and we never felt he was in a good enough place to handle a big change. However, Kemosabe's veterinarian was able to use a new procedure to treat the latest flare up of the recurring infection in his gums and jaw and just a few weeks ago he received a 100% clean bill of health!!! We don't think there's a better time than RIGHT NOW to give him this gift and we're asking for your help to reach our goal of $5,000!

Luckily, we already found a matching donor! The Hittman Family Foundation has generously donated to help us enhance the lives of the animals and $2,500 is going to Kemosabe! That means we're already half way to our goal! Please help us reach our goal by donating $14 (or more!) for Kemosabe's birthday.

Thank you!!

Jessi Knudsen Castañeda
Executive Director
Animal Wonders