Help us provide the care these magnificent animals deserve.  image

Help us provide the care these magnificent animals deserve.

Help us continue to spread knowledge and understanding of animals and nature.


Help us care for animals in need like Huckleberry.

Your donation will help us house, feed, care for, and enrich the lives of our animals and allow us to take in animals that need our help. One such animal is Huckleberry, the North American Beaver.

Huckleberry came to us in 2017 as an injured and orphaned baby in need of shelter. Together with our donors, we were able to raise funds to build him an enclosure that would keep him happy and healthy for the rest of his life. He now has a huge enclosure with an indoor pool that can be kept from freezing in the winter months, and a large outdoor space where he can explore, build, and chew to his heart's content. Huckleberry has now also become an ambassador for his species and is able to go to presentations and educate others about how amazing beavers are.

Your donation will help us to continue to improve the lives of the animals we care for, like Huckleberry, and allow us to continue educating others about the wonders of wildlife and nature. Together we can make amazing things happen!