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Sponsor an animal of your choice!

Improve the life of one of our extraordinary animals!

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Sponsorship Package!

With our Sponsor An Animal Program, you can choose to sponsor one of these amazing animals today. Your donation will go directly to the care of your animal of choice. When you choose your animal and donate to their well-being, you will receive an Animal Adoption Package. The package includes:

  • A certificate of sponsorship
  • A color picture of your animal
  • Your animal's personal biography
  • A fact sheet about your species

For only $25 for a digital sponsorship and $30 for a physical sponsorship packet*, you can help improve the life of one of these extraordinary animals.

International shipments for the physical sponsorship packet going to locations outside of the United States will require an additional fee for shipping costs.

*Due to limited staff the physical packets are not available at this time.